Sexual & Reproductive Health

When you are LGBTQ it’s hard to find accurate sex education and information that speaks to you, your experience, your body, your partners… right?  Unfortunately, this means many LGBTQ youth can be less informed than straight/cisgender youth about sex, safer sex, family planning, HIV and STDs.  It also means LGBTQ youth are less able to make informed decisions regarding their sex life and are at an increased risk of getting and transmitting HIV and STDs.

Well we hope to change some of that right now.  Check out BAGLY’s Health Promotion Fact Sheets on:

Your sexual health rights

  • You have the right to a responsible, satisfying and safe sex life
  • You have the right to be free to decide if, when and how often you give birth
  • You have the right to access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of birth control
  • You have the right to access appropriate health care services that will respect your body, gender, name, partners, sex life and decisions
  • You have the right to go safely through pregnancy and childbirth regardless of your gender identity or expression

Pelvic Exams and PAP Test A chest/breast exam, pelvic exam and PAP test should be done by a doctor least once a year if:

  • Your birth assigned sex is female and…
  • If you are sexually active and/or 18 or older
  • If you think you are pregnant – your provider can confirm the pregnancy, discuss options and provide care that is critical in the beginning stages of pregnancy
  • If you discover a lump or pain in your chest/breast during a self examination
  • If you have pelvic pain/pressure/or itching or are experiencing excessively heavy bleeding during your period
  • Also, don’t forget to do regular Self Exams.  It can save your life!

Sexual Exploitation & Sex Economy

Have you had to exchange sex for money, food, or a place to stay?  Is someone making money off your body?

Are you wondering about your rights?  If so, you are not alone.  There are a lot of people who are ready to help.  Whether you need a place to sleep right now, food to eat, or help untangling your life, call.  It is a free call.

They will listen and, if you want, connect you to people close to wherever you are calling from that can help you get safe.