Recommended Readings

All of the books listed here (and tons more!) are available to any BAGLY member through our lending library.  Contact us for more information!

  • Out Law: What LGBT Youth Should Know About Their Legal Rights | Lisa Keen

  • Come Out and Win: Organizing Yourself, Your Community, and Your World | Sue Hyde

  • Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy | Rinku Sen

  • Virtual Equality | The Mainstreaming of Gay & Lesbian Liberation | Urvashi Vaid

  • Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws | Kate Bornstein

  • Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity | Julia Serano

  • The Gilds Stories | Jewelle Gomez – Lesbian vampires… need we say more?  It was also adapted for a stage performance.  This awesome book is one of only 4 to win 2 lambda literary awards. In addition to The Gilda Stories, Jewelle has many collections of gorgeous poetry… check them out!

  • Stagestruck: Theater, AIDS, and the Marketing of Gay America | Sarah Schulman – Attention RENT-heads: This one is for you!  And then you should read…

  • People in Trouble | also by Sarah Schulman – trust us, you need to read it!

  • Skin: Talking About Sex, Class and Literature | Dorothy Allison – Her first novel, Bastard Out of Carolina, was a finalist for the 1992 National Book Award and has been translated into more than a dozen languages. Check out all of her books!

  • Stone Butch Blues | Leslie Feinberg – transgender activist, speaker and author.  This “must read” novel has been translated into more than a dozen languages.  Leslie’s work and writing has played an essential part in the both GLBT liberation and labor movements.

  • My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home | Amber Hollibaugh – she has also won an award at Sundance Film Festival, founded the Lesbian AIDS Project at Gay Men’s Health Crisis, and has played pivotal roles in the GLBT liberation and feminist movements.

  • Audre Lorde described herself as a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” Extremely influential in both the GLBT and the black community, she used her writing as a tool for activism. She won many awards for her writing, and held the honorable position of New York State Poet Laureate from 1991-1993. Read everything you can get your hands on. BAGLY has the complete series of the famous Beebo Brinker pulp novel series by Ann Bannon – Read the stories of lesbian life in Greenwich Village and get an insight to what lesbians were reading in the 1950s