Plan Your Own Fundraiser

Many people, organizations, businesses and social groups selflessly take it upon themselves to plan, organize and manage independent fundraisers to support BAGLY. Past examples of these fundraisers include the “Race for the Tiara” sponsored and planned by the Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association (CVBA) and the Boston Guerilla Queer Bar’s monthly bar takeover. 

We encourage anyone interested in planning an independent fundraiser to do so!  Some ideas for independent fundraisers are:

  • Small house parties hosted by current donors
  • “In lieu of flowers/gifts” for weddings, funerals, memorial services, etc.
  • Car/Motorcycle/Bicycle Wash-A-Thons
  • Office Holiday Parties

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to the ideas presented here.  We at BAGLY are happy to sit down and discuss the details of your fundraiser and help you plan the details, invite our network and offer suggestions.

For more information or help planning your own BAGLY Fundraiser, please contact Kurtlan Massarsky.