BAGLY has advocated for programs, policies and services, built the community, social, and economic capital of youth and contributed to the political power of the LGBTQ movement for over 30 years!!  Youth and adults from BAGLY were among the leaders of the advocacy efforts that added “sexual orientation” to the list of defined, protected groups in the Massachusetts Students’ Rights Law in 1993, and co-founded the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC), a national social justice organization established to strengthen the role of young people in the LGBTQ rights movement, later that same year.  In 2008, BAGLY youth and adult staff were among the founding members appointed to the Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth

BAGLY partners with a wide range of local and national organizations to develop policy agendas that support the needs of LGBTQ youth in the areas of LGBTQ hate crime violence and school bullying, homelessness, health access, sex education, right of minors, research, data collection, and other systematic issues.  BAGLY also serves as the fiscal sponsor of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), and works with MTPC to organizing a youth-led campaign to increase awareness of transgender discrimination and pass the Transgender Equal Rights Bill in Massachusetts.

Young LGBTQ movement leaders have played a vital role in identifying issues, working toward solutions and reducing health, education, employment and housing disparities among LGBTQ communities.  The Queer Activist College (QuAC), a Boston Based BAGLY program, engages young LGBTQ people from the most marginalized communities in organizing for policy and systems change, and connects young people with meaningful opportunities to create and grow youth-led campaigns and develop a vision for a strong, youth-led social justice community.  BAGLY also supports QuAC graduates in applying their skills to higher education, meaningful employment, and advanced leadership opportunities in social justice organizing and other movement work.